The month of January is almost over! I've been very busy this past month with homework and lectures. I'm taking a workshop with iAnimate (as I mentioned in December) and it's going really well! My teacher, Jason Anastas is awesome. I would recommend him to anyone. Taking this workshop is a great opportunity for me to improve my 3D animation but it's a great overall animation class as well. I've never received lessons and reviews quite like this. I'm learning so much.

I really, really miss working on my film! It's frustrating for me to be so busy that I have to leave it on the back burner. I've gone through periods in the past where I wasn't able to work on it and it's always the best to get back to it.

Tomorrow I'm going to purchase a used copy of The Art of Tangled from someone I found on Craigslist. I miss drawing and there are a couple of gorgeous art books that I haven't allowed myself to get over the years because my husband and I were trying so hard to pare down on belongings as our living space has gotten smaller with the past 3 moves. It's also expensive to ship stuff around the world so we're generally just trying to save some money too. But I feel like I could really use the inspiration. Most of the art books I've hung on to over the years are instructional or informative types. The "how to's" and the "survival kits". I need some beautiful art books full of inspiring drawings! I already know it's a great book since I've flipped through it and seen lots of the drawings online.

I went back and watched the talk by Jim Capobianco at CTN on his process of making Leonardo, his hand animated short film. Jim was an inspiration to me and it's both relieving and terrifying to think that it took him 10 years to finish his short. Here is Jim's making of blog.


Time to do some homework!

AuthorAndrea Haid