I recorded the portion of this week's podcast with Deanna in February 2014 about a week or so before she took off to see the world for a year. Finally I share it online! I didn't have big plans for the podcast while I was making it but I wanted to grab Deanna for an interview before I wasn't going to see her for a full year at least. I can't wait to see all the amazing artwork she's making on her trip and the photos she's taking!!! So visit theanimationworkout.com on Wednesday Oct 15 to hear my interview with her!

Here are a couple of drawings Deanna has done while on her travels:

big characters deanna marsigliesle

Deanna's incredible travel blog: http://dmexplores.tumblr.com/

Deanna's website: http://www.deannamarsigliese.com/

AuthorAndrea Haid