Without music and sound effects, movies would be lifeless. I feel that animation and music are a perfect match.As far as animated musicals go... they have been done perhaps a few too many times, or maybe some animated films are musicals that shouldn't have been. Personally I love a good musical. Recently I've gone through a few artistic phases, basically where I get really hooked on a artistic medium and I think this is due to an artistic frustration... I've got creativity dying to get out of me and I have never created or found enough time to really express that the way I want to... by making a short film. My last hook was that I wanted to write music. Though that would be wonderful, to be able to write music and get out some ideas, it would take me years and years to be able to do. And it wouldn't be something I would pursure professionally either. So maybe in the future I will pick up an instrument and learn a little more, but for now I've tried to put that creative urge to use. Upon reworking the Pickled Perfection script, I tried to write it as if I was writing a song or a musical of sorts. I've got 'lyrics' and I can feel a very definite pacing of the whole thing. I hope I can get it to work... I'm going to need to find a composer to work with who is a match for the project and will feel rewarded by working on it. My brother composes and I am hoping he will be interested... Until I find someone I am letting the rough outline and script stew in my mind. I find it very difficult to critically look at your own work while it's still fresh.

A singer/musician I recently got inspired by is Jenny Lewis. You can listen to some of her songs on her myspace page. I often try to listen to new music and learn about artists I don't know much about.

Here are some very rough design ideas I got out today:
AuthorAndrea K Haid