I need your help! I have finally finished my animation contest entry and I would really appreciate it if you head over to http://www.youtube.com/sohcompetitions and vote thumbs up on it! It's called "The Great Dinner Party Escape". If I win this round I will need to create another 30 second piece and if I win that I will need to create a final 30 second piece. The final winner will be screened at the Sydney Opera House! There is also a cash prize and I intend to use that to fund a future animated film that I create with a group of artists. It's a lot of work but the opportunity is incredible. Thanks so much for supporting me!
The characters in this short were designed by Deanna Marsigliese. They are the very characters from my short film Pickled. I was killing myself trying to come up with a whole new short idea to fit the theme of escape as per the contest requirements. Finally after boarding and reboarding attempts for 3 days I decided to create a piece with the characters I have already developed for my short. It made sense because, firstly they're gorgeous, but also, the timeframe in which to create this 30 second piece was very brief. My characters already have their motivations and personalities set. I got to continue workshopping these characters for a couple weeks while putting together this piece.
AuthorAndrea K Haid