I'm still struggling, as usual, to balance all the aspects in my life. But since my last post I feel pretty good about the amount of work I've done on Pickled! This past weekend I did work, for my job. But the previous two weekends were all about Pickled. Part of the reason I was doing work over the weekend was because I had a massive headache on Friday and had to take the day off. And on President's Day weekend I was really sick. So with all the down time, I needed to do some catch up.

But anyway, I've put down at least basic rough paint for all the backgrounds now (well except the montage ones), I prettied up the leica/animatic enough to show to a couple friends at work and I punched a stack of animation paper.
Next time I make a film... I will definitely use a different approach. I'm dying to put together a piece FAST! (Well, not necessarily the story elements), but to just crank out some emotional stuff that's relevant to me or fun or experimental... Maybe just do pencil tests and no clean up... Something less all consuming.
AuthorAndrea K Haid