I have made a big decision about Pickled. Last night I was working on some clean up drawings and I became compelled to really think about how much animation there is in this film and how long it's going to take to complete. The thought of working on this film for 5-10 years is not really something I want to face. I want to complete this film and move on. So I've decided to fully animate only a portion of the scenes. A good chunk of scenes will be created with well timed key poses and those drawings quickly faded into each other. In this end this means 13 fully animated scenes and 17 scenes with only key drawings. Plus the title and credits. The total number of fully animated frames will be 1688 and if that is animated on 2's then that is 844 drawings. The whole thing is still a hell of a lot of work. But this decision will help me get there and I can still fully animate the really juicy bits. I think it's a good idea... I hope it doesn't mean the thing look like a piece of shit though.
AuthorAndrea K Haid