After my little break away from working on Pickled, I have been unendingly busy. Last weekend in fact I flew to Las Vegas to witness two of my best friends get married. Meika and Spence from Toronto. Otherwise I've been pouring myself into the animation at my day job and socialising. I've been dying to get back to working on Pickled and I spent some time this weekend using Toonboom Animate to build a rig of Birdie. I've used Toonboom Harmony to animate at a couple jobs in the past and it is a powerful piece of animation software. In the last animation peer review I attended at work a friend mentioned that she had seen a Toonboom demo at CTN and was blown away by it. I said I would finish up my rig, (or puppet, whatever), and do some sort of Toonboom demo for the animators at work. I'm excited to get this thing done and show the animators at work what Toonboom can do!

AuthorAndrea K Haid