One of the reasons I've been too busy to do more artwork on Pickled recently is that for a couple of weeks I used every scrap of spare time I had to work on this hand painted Munny! I've painted it to look like Samus, from Metroid. It was a birthday gift for my husband.
I used this toy as inspiration after I saw Steve write about wanting it on his game company's website. As we're on a budget, spending $200 on a toy was hard to justify. So I decided I would just make one for far less dollars!
I spent about $30 on paint, $6 on Krylon spray, $2 on paint containers, $5 on a brush and $10 on the vinyl toy itself. Then my friend Ania loaned me some of her acrylic paint and brushes. (Thank you Ania!!) If I had bought every colour I needed this project would have been much more expensive.

Here it is, drying off on the fire escape.
Here are a bunch of work in progress photos:
I custom mixed all the paint colours (except black and silver). The paint containers I bought were to hold custom mixed paints so that I could do multiple coats of paint over days.
I finally ripped off the head to add some final touches.
Here it is drying after getting a coat of Krylon Crystal Clear:
Steve likes it! Happy birthday and happy anniversary!

Soon to come... more Pickled art!!!
AuthorAndrea K Haid