The next two Fridays and Mondays (so, starting tomorrow), I will be taking off of work for a staycation. My highest priorities these days include learning more about animating in Maya and working on my short film; Pickled. I've had some opportunities to practise using Maya as of late via an online Animation Mentor workshop and at work. I've been animating a test scene at my day job with a nice character rig from a game to be released in the near future. I spent nearly 2 weeks creating a test of this character doing a spin kick in the air and got 3 rounds of feedback from my supervisor which was excellent. I'll post that test online when I am allowed to!
Anyway, back to the staycation. Before I left the office today (Thursday evening) I had a look at my many belongings cluttering up my workspace and noticed my inline skates. I thought to myself that I already had a bunch to carry home today and would only have room for another item... either my work laptop, or my inline skates. I decided to take the inline skates home since it meant a chance of fun exercise and I couldn't be tempted to start doing dayjob related work on my days off. I have a hard time putting the work work down. I try to fight my own bad habits by making the less healthy choices more awkward and difficult as I did in this circumstance.

So I will be enjoying coffee and eggs for breakfast and getting in some exercise as well and really knuckling down and getting some satisfying personal work done. I will keep my distracting internet surfing to a minimum, I'll blog as I please, and I'll focus as much as I can on animating in Maya and working on Pickled.
AuthorAndrea K Haid