I've been taking a Maya workshop at Animation Mentor and this coming week will be the last week of my course. I've just completed a homework exercise in which a robot arm picks up a can and moves it. I loved this exercise because I learned so much about animating in Maya! Constraints, digging deeper into the graph editor and setting keys next to each other on the timeline and then adjusting their timing later was all new to me. And the amazing thing about being an animator is that there is always more to learn. Now that I've finished and I can watch my animation exercise on loop I can see things about it that I might like to change or polish further. I'm going to leave it though since I've got another homework assignment to do and then personal work after that. (Like animate on Pickled!) A new goal for myself is to be able to work more quickly. My brain feels like it's bursting with new knowledge that I've picked up this last week at work (my dayjob) and while doing Animation Mentor homework! I feel like I'm emerging out of a dark age. I actually had two epiphany moments the past week. And there's so much more to learn. I can't wait.

Check the video to see my Animation Mentor assignment!