The scenes I plan to animate:

scene 4 - 156 - frames - Birdie walks down the chapel aisle, past her mother to meet with her fiance Cash at the alter.

scene 5 - 64 frames - Birdie is feeling secure and she's enjoying married life. She is readying dinner for Cash in the kitchen. In this scene she stirs a pot of something on the stove and then grabs a jar of pickles and heads for the table. I've finished the keys and rough breakdowns for this shot. See the most recent version here.

scene 6 - 159 frames - This shot is a continuation of shot 5. Birdie carries the jar of pickles to the table and cuddles the jar against her cheek before setting it down on the table. She then turns around and walks back to the stove. She saunters when she walks and strikes a pose at the end of her walk. I've finished the keys, rough breakdowns and about half of the inbetweens for this shot. See the most recent version here.

scene 10 - 271 frames - In this scene Birdie offers Babette some pate (pah-tay) at the dinner party she and Cash are hosting. Babette responds with a salacious comment about Cash and Birdie is taken by surprise. Babette struts off to speak with Cash.

scene 30 - 164 frames - Cash looks into the jar and reacts.

scene 32 - 234 frames - Cash returns to the kitchen. Some secrety stuff happens.
AuthorAndrea K Haid