My animation demo reel!
I am a classically trained animator. I animate by hand, with Toon Boom Harmony and Flash.

*If you would like to see the full version please email me for the password at

This reel showcases the assignments I've done for various television shows, mobile games and personal work. I've animated on many children's shows such as Caillou, Atomic Betty, Iggy Arbuckle, Carl Squared, 6teen, Total Drama Island, a yet unannounced Disney television show as well as on several games at Kabam, namely Dragons of Atlantis. My short film is a three minute tradigital piece titled Pickled.

Reel Breakdown:
-animation cycle from Dragons of Atlantis, Toon Boom Harmony, Flash Kabam Inc.
-rough animation from my personal short film Pickled, hand animated, digitally in Toon Boom Harmony
-Winnie the Pooh, hand drawn, personal animation test
-walk cycle, hand drawn, contest entry for Spline Doctors
-shot from Iggy Arbuckle, Flash, C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures
-two shots from Atomic Betty, Flash, Atomic Cartoons Inc.
-shot from Iggy Arbuckle, Flash, C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures
-animation cycles from Dragons of Atlantis, Toonboom, Flash Kabam Inc.
-Jane, hand drawn, short film clip done at Sheridan College

Production blog for my short film; Pickled

Hand animated short film about a housewife that pickles herself for love.