This past weekend was a good one. Got out life drawing at the Toronto School of Art for the first time in so long and got me some conte and newsprint for the next time. I ordered a bunch of books recently and I've been sporadically into a few of them to start. I picked up the Walt Stanchfield books, Animals in Motion and The Human Figure in Motion by Edward Muybridge, Acting: The Frist 6 Lessons by Ric Boleslavsky, Emotions Revealed: Recognizing Faces and Feelings to Improve Communication and Theatre of the Mind by Jay Ingram. It's a lot of reading! But these books are like goldmines to an animator. I was Reading Acting: The First 6 Lessons on the streetcar and when I stood to get off a woman beside me said "Well I wish you all all the best in your acting!" I thought that was hilarious and awesome. I totally read over people's shoulders on the streetcar too.
AuthorAndrea K Haid