This film idea has been in the back of my mind for a long time now... and it looks like I am going to have some time to devote to it at last! My husband has been hired by a company in Australia!! So we're heading out there to live for a year or so. We're waiting on our visa's right now. So my current work contract goes until mid/late November and I'll move in early December. In Australia, my main focus will be this film. I can do freelance or find a part time job on the side. Until then, when I'm not packing up every belonging I own, I will be prepping my film. I've gotten ahold of a Toronto jazz singer songwriter and I'm meeting up with her in a couple of weeks. I have some rough lyrics for a song and I need a musician to collaborate with to craft those into a fun song. And I've got my choice of designer too!! Going to wait until that is done before I go blabbing who it is. But she's an am-a-zing artist and I would love to have her visual style and input influence my film. I'm not sure if I will be needing to hire anyone else along the way... Maybe another vocalist or musician or something. I'll have to start figuring out my song first.


Here are some fun images that I found when I searched for 'jazz':
logo at All that Jazz and More's website, a jazz band for hire
jazz face by ryanselow
AuthorAndrea K Haid