Here's what my studio looks like. I just opened up the box that had my scanner/printer in it today. I was excited about that... that scanner has a lot of work to do. You can see my myriad of sunglasses peppered throughout the bookshelf there. A print by Steve sits atop the shelf. The Reflex paper is my animation paper. And there is little Sophie, my orchid.

Scan! Print! It took me forever to decide on a scanner and then actually be able to FIND it...
Here (below) is my light table. It was nightmarish to find a small and affordable one, get it Australia and find some way to light it. That is because finding a light table in Australia is not easy. (Finding ANY animation supplies or even large pads of newsprint has completely illuded me.) To ship my own would have cost a lot of money. (I already had to pay the extra fee to bring my animation punch on the airplane.) A month ago or so I bought a voltage step down transformer to enable me to plug in the light that came with this light box and that was trash. It wouldn't even accept a plug. I am still waiting to hear back from paypal/ebay on a dispute over that due to the negligence of the shipper. I finally just went to a hardware store and bought a small light to fit under the "glass" but it was WAY too bright and hot at 60 watts. I took it back and for twice as much money was able to get a lovely 8 watt light that is just perfect. I need to leave a lip of the desk open for the cord to come out though. And the cord it came with is wrapped up and taped to the back since it gets in the way constantly.
Off to do some layouts!!!
AuthorAndrea K Haid