Well, my craigslist ad got flagged and taken down by someone grouchy, twice. Oh well. Let me know if you want to try inbetweening or clean up on my hand drawn short film. I'm pretty sure that we can learn from each other. I would love to hear about other people's animation and clean up methods. I recently posted that I've decided to fully animate and take to clean up only a handful of scenes. A day after that I had the brilliant idea to animate the rest of the scenes that I want to but keep them as pencil tests and release the whole film as a special edition pencil test version! I love pencils tests. Everyone does. Don't you?

Please enjoy this latest pencil test of scenes 5 and 6. This time there is zero warping of the image since these drawings were scanned and not quickly shot with a blurry and crooked webcam. There are no inbetweens so it's looking chunkier than the last pencil test... but it does have a line drawing version of the background!!
AuthorAndrea K Haid