When I work on my film I feel like I am respecting and showing love to the people that I care for and who care about me in my life. Animation is so dear to me and working on my film brings me joy. So I feel that if I can find satisfaction and contentment while working on it, that I'm showing the people who support my endeavors that I value their respect and love. Maybe even make them proud. I'm able to spend lots of time on it since I have no real deadlines so my perfectionist self can really go to town. I've been so busy the past few months there hasn't been the time to work on it. However I want to carve out a schedule for myself that allows time for working on my film in small bursts throughout the week.

They say that marketing your work is half the gig. Besides, more regular posts will mean keeping in touch with friends around the world. I'm going to attempt to blog more regularly about my progress. I figure that one written update once a week and one visual post (e.g a painting in progress) once a week is ambitious enough for me for now. Tuesdays will be written content, Fridays visual. And with that, I'll get back to painting yellow fruit jello!

I do have the habit of putting up a tweet when I work... I loves me some Twitter. Psst, I'm @andreakhaid on Twitter! (I recently changed from my old Twitter name which was art_candy.)
it's yellow jello time
AuthorAndrea K Haid