The Toonboom rig of Cash is DOOOOOONNEEEE!!! Finally! It took 3 weeks of spare time and at least a few full Saturdays to get 'er dun. My goal was to finish it last Friday (April 26) and I ended up finishing it up on Saturday. So, only a day past my goal, not too shabby.
I may just spend a little less time on my film for a little while since I've got a lot on my plate these days. When I'm in the middle of getting something done on my film I find it very difficult to stop thinking about it, (e.g. animating a scene or building a rig). There was a scene that I had started to animate way back when I was still living in Australia and then I had to put it down for 5 or 6 months. That was scary, to come back to a scene and try to be in the moment of it again and remember what the heck I had done so far!

These days I've got a lot going on at my day job, I want to practice using Maya and I want to get back to the gym. (Actually I made it to the gym on Sunday WOO!) I figure that a little bit of exercise on a regular basis will do me a world of good.

Feels fantastic to finally get this sucker done so I can move on!

*EDIT - Just a note... I tweaked this rig after I thought I had finished! So the screen cap above is ever so slightly out of date. I got obsessive over the skin tones and the shape of the ear. I ended up darkening the skins tones slightly and made sure to save all my new swatch data in Photoshop and Toonboom. I have the leisure to obsess since there's no deadline... which can be a danger since I just spend SO much time on getting everything just the way I like. However, it is satisfying :D
AuthorAndrea K Haid