Woooo I just finished my first pass at acting out and filming reference for scene 10! I've been wanting to get this done for a couple weeks and finally was able to find the time. I put on an A-line dress, red lipstick, heels and pearl earrings.
 I felt pretty good about the acting I did... But I still have to download all the footage onto my computer to see how it looks. I'm excited to nit pick my own acting and then improve upon it by doing solid and communicative drawings of my characters.
I'm just trying to look and feel like Birdie and Babette! I think it's essential to try to physically be your characters when doing something like this. I had a little bit of rum too to try to loosen up but not enough apparently to feel anything. I got red lipstick on my cup. Babette is tipsy in scene 10 so I figure I should have a drink too. I'm going to have to get myself a wine glass and take some photos of my hand holding it. I do not have any wine glasses these days, not since leaving Vancouver. I used a cup to film my reference since it would have some weight and I would be able to actually drink from it. It had occurred to me to hold something stemlike, (such as a paintbrush) to simulate the poses that would come from holding a wine glass, but then I wouldn't be able to pretend to drink properly and it wouldn't have the necessary weight.
Here's the fancy schmancy camera I got to use; a canon 7D. It's a pretty sweet camera for photos as well as filming video. I used a 10-22mm lens. It's suuuch a wide lens! It totally peeks around corners and sees things the human eye can't from the same position. I think it's going to be pretty interesting to look back at my years of footage and see all the places I lived and the situations I was in at the time of filming. This time I'm in my apartment in San Francisco. It's tight living quarters here! The camera was placed just outside the kitchen so that I would have to space to move around.
There's one take where I tried to actually drink while filming and got a little too ahead of myself. The rum dribbled down my face so I had to break and reshoot that :P Behold, hair twirling inspired by Babette:
AuthorAndrea K Haid