So after I finished up my pencil test for scene 6 I needed to take a small break from Pickled. 6 months of spare time went into that pencil test. I have neglected my health somewhat during that time by eating too much junk food and rarely exercising. So I've taken some time for myself to get healthy and have some life. However I can't stay away from my work for very long. I've been really pouring myself into my day job work recently. I have a bit of a window to learn some 3D at work so I'm trying to blast through my Flash/After Effects work so I can spend more time on Maya before my deadline approaches. I will be back to work on Pickled soon enough though. I already miss it!

In other news, I've been baking lots of gluten and dairy free cupcakes and bleaching my hair. Two of my hobbies. Right now it kind of looks like someone threw a bucket of bleach swirled with paint at the back of my head. It is a lot harder to bleach a full head of long hair by yourself than I thought!
AuthorAndrea K Haid