On Monday I purchased and watched Indie Game: The Movie and last night I was lucky enough to see an advance screening of Brave! Both were awesome and inspirational. You can purchase Indie Game: The Movie here: http://buy.indiegamethemovie.com/. The film follows several game makers while they are working on their independent projects. I love seeing their devotion, drive and perfectionism. Brave was not the action packed mysterious fairy tale I had imagined, but more of a situation comedy and heavy on character interactions. I guess I had imagined something heavier and darker. I really enjoyed the mom and dad characters as well as the clan leaders. Well... Merida and her brothers and the clan leader's sons were all awesome too. A lot of really entertaining characters. There was one shot in the film that is utterly breathtaking in terms of animation quality. The shot when young Merida sits on the grass and her dad has just gifted her a bow. Her reaction. I have to see that again.
AuthorAndrea K Haid